The Science Department aims to cultivate a climate of enquiry where children are equipped with necessary skills to enable them to investigate the world around them effectively and feel comfortable in formulating and expressing new ideas. We expect them to become scientifically literate so that they may make informed judgements on science matters in the news and in their everyday lives. The curriculum requires children to recall an extensive and weighty range of facts and while lessons are, to some extent, focused on acquiring this knowledge, we are also mindful of the importance of the concepts behind the facts being understood.

Science is taught as a practical subject with an emphasis on children becoming accomplished in scientific enquiry skills, such as observation, analysis, data handling, writing predictions, hypotheses and conclusions. In Years 7 and 8 the three disciplines of Science are taught separately. As they leave NHP, it is expected that our pupils will have developed an excitement about Science that will lead them to look forward with anticipation to further scientific challenges at their Senior Schools and beyond.

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Hugo, Tiger and Joe Science fair flammable water