An enquiry based approach to Religious Education blends comfortably with the NHP Mindset. From Reception to Year 6 we explore each of the main world religions in a four-step process of questioning, engagement, investigation and evaluating. Whilst fostering an ethos of tolerance, open-mindedness, empathy and curiosity, we explore themes such as commitment, family, faith, support, belonging and identity. During their time at NHP, the children will visit a range of different places of worship and meet visiting practitioners and priests from different religions in assemblies and workshops.


The Common Entrance syllabus of Year 7 and 8 focuses largely on Christianity although the children independently complete a piece of coursework on a world religion. This syllabus builds on the enquiry learning of the earlier years and develops the children’s understanding of what the Bible stories mean and how they relate to contemporary issues.


During the experience of learning about religion, children also learn from religion with opportunities to explore their own sense of faith and spirituality and their personal understanding of God.


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