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School rules are kept to a minimum and are generally to ensure the safety and happiness of the children while at school. Children are expected to respect the teaching staff, other adults in the school community, their fellow pupils and property, and to be attentive, well behaved and hard working in the classroom. Kindness, courtesy and consideration for others are highly valued and positively reinforced by all members of staff.


Our ethos of providing a happy, supportive environment in which children feel confident to ask questions and explore issues requires children to develop self-discipline and a sense of personal responsibility.

Any wilful, conscious desire to intimidate, frighten or hurt someone else is regarded as bullying, and behaviour which involves the illegitimate use of power in order to hurt or offend others is regarded as bullying behaviour. At Notting Hill Prep bullying and bullying behaviour are not acceptable. All the staff are alert to any potential occurrence of this behaviour, and pupils and parents are encouraged to report any such incident at once should they become aware of it.


There is a staged procedure in place to deal with bullying and in the event that such an incident is reported, it will be dealt with swiftly by staff in accordance with the school's bullying policy.


It is a cornerstone of the philosophy of the school that all pupils have the right to start and end their school day in a happy frame of mind.

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