Philosophy for Children (P4C) was first introduced to the NHP curriculum in 2006 and is now taught to every year group in the school.

P4C is a discussion based subject that aims to encourage children to think critically, caringly, creatively and collaboratively. The teacher provides the class with a stimulus from which a philosophical question is created. The children then discuss the chosen question whilst developing their communication skills along with the ability to think and reason independently.

The content of the subject is largely dictated by the children’s responses to the stimuli. However, the teacher can also provide the class with questions or specific stimuli that will lead pupils to discuss particular philosophical issues. This also enables the teacher to provide opportunities to develop different skills based on the needs of the class as well as being able to link the content to other curriculum areas, especially PSCHE and the Humanities.

Whilst P4C can promote many different skills, we aim particularly to develop collaborative learners, independent thinkers and inquiring minds. Pupils should want to know and discuss all the big and small questions in life. After all, the etymology of Philosophy is a love of knowledge and wisdom.

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