'Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton asked why.'  (Bernard Baruch)


The aim of our Maths department is to create inquisitive, independent, resilient and skilful mathematicians who have a passion for this all-important subject.  Through practical activities, the exposure to relevant real-life material and an emphasis placed on the process rather than simply the end result, we make Maths alluring for all of our young people and ensure a sense of achievement is experienced.

Throughout the school, the acquisition of efficient mental maths strategies is granted a significant role and these strategies support pupils in all walks of their mathematical career.  This fluency underpins all learning in Maths, i.e. the skills associated with number, statistics, geometry, algebra and measure.  In Upper School pupils are prepared scrupulously for 11+ and Common Entrance examinations.

MyMaths and Mangahigh computer platforms are endorsed and support pupils' understanding both at home and at school, and excellent use is made of the interactive whiteboards, individual laptops and iPads.  Moreover pupils are frequently entered for competitions, such as UKMT's Mathematical Challenge.

In a world where we have technology at our fingertips, we are less concerned with fashioning human calculators.  Instead, pupils leave NHP as creative mathematical thinkers with a practised penchant for problem-solving.


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