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Complete and up-to-date details of our Health and Safety regulations are distributed at the beginning of each school year in the Parents' Handbook and the Health and Safety Policy is available to download from the home page of this website.


If a child is unwell the best place for him or her is at home. Children should not return to school until they are well enough to participate in all normal school activities. If a child has an infectious disease, he or she should not return to school until cleared by a doctor.


A note will be sent home or put on the notice board informing parents of any infectious or contagious diseases. In the case of chronic illness, long term complaints or allergies which could result in an anaphylactic reaction, the school must be fully informed of cause, effect and action that may need to be taken. If a child is found to be ill or have a contagious condition while at school, parents will be contacted and the child will be looked after by the School Secretary, away from other children, until a parent/carer arrives.

All minor injuries will be treated in school. Accidents requiring treatment are recorded in the School Accident Book and parents are informed. In the event of serious injury or illness that requires hospital treatment, we would follow the appropriate emergency procedure which would of course require us to make contact with parents, or the designated emergency contact, as quickly as possible. Several members of staff are qualified First Aiders. Basic First Aid kits are kept in all classrooms and there is a phone in every classroom.


No nuts or seeds of any kind are to be brought to school. Some children suffer from a very strong allergy to nuts and seeds which can cause a potentially fatal anaphylactic reaction.

Health & Safety