The aim of the English department is to foster in all children a life-long love of words and their structures. Through creative projects, group work, writing, speech and the study of great literature, we encourage a questioning mind and a sense of wonder at the way in which language and stories can unite people.  Combined with a rigorous approach to the teaching of skills, this provides the basis for the English journey of the children through the school.

Prep for 11+ takes precedence in Year 5. In Years 7 and 8 the English curriculum is demanding and represents a significant change from the requirements of earlier years. Children need to come to terms with a new discipline, the literary essay, and with the detailed close-reading of poems and extracts of non-fiction to prepare them for the rigours of Common Entrance and other school entrance and Scholarship exams.

Outside the classroom, English is enriched and encouraged through drama, clubs, whole school grammar programmes and trips to museums and the theatre.

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